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Tag Reader RFID Stand Alone Multiple Sheep Tag Reader

Our Tag Readers are stand alone electronic tag readers, designed to read large numbers of animals quickly and accurately. 

  • 1 Board Tag Reader (suitable for Abattoirs and individual farms)
  • 4 Board Tag Reader (suitable for Livestock Markets and Abattoirs)
  • Bespoke Designs (to order)

More information on the Technical Specification can be found under Technical Specification.

Tag Reader has been installed in numerous places including abattoirs and marts.  They have proven to give excellent results. A list of our client locations and photos can be viewed in the Gallery.

All our Tag Readers can be portable or fixed and are designed to fit easily into most race formats.  The Tag Reader is built using recycled agricultural plastic that is water resistant.

The single board tag reader uses standard race joiners as its frame, making it easy to fit into any existing race system.

The four board tag reader uses 40mm box section galvanized steel frame.

The main features:

  • Portable or Fixed
  • Affordable (see  Retail Prices)
  • Compatible - reads all approved tag types
  • Accurate - very high read success
  • Fast - 100 sheep read in under 1 min (4 board reader)
  • Wide Range - able to read lambs at foot
  • Environmental - made from Solway Agribord (recycled agricultural plastic)
  • Water Resistant
  • Made in the UK (Scotland)

Four Board and Single Board Tag Reader
Photo:  Four Board and Single Board Tag Reader
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EID Requirements and Electronic Reading Equipment.

New rules on the electronic identification (EID) of sheep introduce stringent requirements on stock traceability.

From January 2011 individual animal information must be record for electronically identified animals.  From 31 December 2011 individual animal information must be recorded for all animals (except those born before 31 December 2009 which are going to slaughter).

Tags can be read manually or electronically.  Those involved in reading a large number of tags such as Central Point Recording Centre's including auction marts and abattoirs or farms with large number of stock may find an electronic reading system provides a fast and efficient method of recording data.  Furthermore, as most EID reading equipment can be integrated with stock management software farmers may also find EID equipment advantageous.

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